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If you are planning to design or redesign your yard and use Yard Art, there are several essential factors which must be considered before starting your project. However, many people ignore the importance of adequate planning and how it eventually will have a significant impact on the yard’s appearance. Therefore, you should not be like most individuals who go to the local gardening supply store to purchase material without coming up with a clear plan. Nevertheless, with a well thought out plan, you will be able to pick out ideas which are ideal for your yard, consequently bringing out a remarkable aura to your yard. So don’t make this avoidable mistake and in this article, we will take you through five things you should consider when incorporating art into you yard. 


Understand your yard

 Before selecting Yard Art, you need to consider your regional climate, the topography and type of soil of your garden. Additionally, certain conditions in your lawn might create a micro-climate, and this usually depends on the shade exposure the area gets as well as length and amount of sun. With this in mind, you will be better placed to pick out Art that suits your lawn’s specific micro-climate, be it partial shade, full sun, deep shade or shade. Topography and drainage of your yard should also be taken into account to ensure water moves away from your house and towards the lawn. 

Choose the perfect Yard Art 

When looking for art for your yard, you must choose something that you love. This guarantees you will not get bored with it very soon; thus, the need to keep away from trendy items. The chosen sculpture needs to enhance your yard, but this is not mandatory. The style of art you choose, can range from religious, native, realistic, contemporary, abstract, heirloom and personal. 

You can find structures of different materials, including concrete and limestone with both these perfect for formal or traditional gardens due to their style and color and longevity. Likewise, you can find art made of metal, bronze and fiberglass, with metal being the most durable material. Concrete and limestone weather as time passes. 

Pay close attention to detail 

 Yard Art and plants in your garden all offer you unique visual details, from an assortment of textures and colors to various shapes and forms. Thus, when searching for the perfect sculptures for your lawn, you need to reflect on its visual details can contrast and complement each other. Subsequently, your yard will be both captivating and cohesive. 

Think about the themes

 Having a theme in mind not only helps you pick out the best Yard Art, but also unify your landscape. Themes vary significantly from complex to simple and consistent forms plus shapes through your entire yard. Therefore, you first need to inspect your home’s architecture before picking out an ideal theme for your yard. Moreover, you need to ensure the style and lines of your house’s architecture match the art you have selected, as the lawn is your house’s extension. 

Knowing an appropriate theme helps you decide the ideal decorations, plants, structures and hard scapes that will bring out the best out of your yard. Thus, you must first decide on the theme before buying any Yard Art to make your lawn have an outstanding look. 

Choosing plants 

 You should not just pick any plant to use with the Yard Art you have purchased. Instead, pick plants which either complement or contrast the color of the lawn art. The selected plants should be smaller in comparison to the structure. Moreover, you need to consider seasonal interests, that is, does the plant foliage throughout the year, when does the plant flower, and how does it match with the art all year through. 

Size considerations

 The Yard Art’s size can make your garden either feel larger or smaller. Therefore, you need to take extreme caution when choosing a sculpture as you want one, which is the perfect fit for your garden. For smaller lots, you must never use big yard arts as they take up a lot of space in your garden. However, a bigger sculpture is better for a focal point whereas smaller art items are ideal for accent.  


 When deciding the appropriate location to place a Yard Art, you need to consider several options. For example, abstract sculptures can be seen from every angle that is why they have excellent focal points. Contrary, bigger art attracts your eye to a spot, because they act as focal points. Additionally, first think about the view of the sculpture from the front, around as well as from afar. Subsequently, select one that stirs up a particular emotion. Small Yard Art usually bring you closer to your garden. It is recommended to place them in a group of flowers to bring out the element of surprise as you walk through the garden. 

 With these factors in mind, you will be better placed to pick out a Yard Art that perfectly suits your lawn. Consequently, your yard will look appealing, but will also be the perfect place to stroll through or relax with family and friends.