About All Things Yard Art and it’s Creator

Hello Everyone,

Cindy Walker here. Welcome to my new blog and website “All Things Yard Art” – I really appreciate your stopping by.

Today I am going to start by telling you a little about myself.  I am a retired 61 yr old woman who has worked hard her whole life in and around construction of residential homes, cable television, big box buildings (like Amazon Distribution Centers, only the roof part) and liquid transportation tank trailers.  I worked not only in the office, but also in the field in the construction process. So, you might be asking, what did I learn from working at these places that would help me with Yard Art?

Well, I learned how to make things look good, cost effectively and efficiently.  I think that about sums it up.  I really like taking a blank slate (at this time that will be our new homes outside area/yard) and turn it into a place we will love and be comforted by the surroundings and also feel like we are on vacation every day!  I know we all have our different takes on what that would consist of, but with this blog, I will be showing you how I start organizing and researching for yard art that will enhance every part of my yard, which you can apply to any theme or scheme you chose.   I will even throw in information about the plants I choose.

I am so lucky to have a blank slate to start with, it lets my mind wonder and dream. Once I get something pictured in my mind, that I would like to make a project of, I will list it in my file (Yard Improvements).  My first hint is not to rush it, let it all set in for awhile and live around it – I like to say “I let it sit in my subconscious until it pops back into my brain”, at which time, the answer is very clear to me, what it is I want.  I only moved into this new home in Nov 2018, so this summer, I am just taking it all in and during the winter, I will start to put all the pieces together in a plan for next summer.  I am sure it won’t all get done in one summer, so I will make a priority list to begin with.

I will also be utilizing the items I find and carry on my website “Allthingsyardart.com” to show you how they are to be used or can be used.  I will say that my yard theme will be that of a country home, as I was raised on a ranch with all sorts of animals and gardens and I feel most comfortable with that surrounding me.  But that does not mean I will only be carrying those types of items on my website, so far from it! I intend to look for items for all sorts of themes and schemes, and those which you make suggestions of.  I hope to have a one stop shopping website for everyone to find what they want and or need, to complete their personal external space.

Well until next time, when I will start to show you my organization and the ways I go about breaking down my outside area into project areas, and then how I determine how to fill them, take care.  I look forward to sharing this experience with you.  I will also, from time to time, be highlighting a new item or two that I find for the website.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my new adventure.