How to plan out an area of your backyard

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TODAY’S TOPIC:  HOW TO BEGIN TO PLAN OUT AN AREA OF YOUR BACKYARD                                                                                                                                                                  January 10, 2020

Hello again,

Thought I would talk to you today about how to start pre-planning your Yard Art projects.  I have several to get started on but have not yet decided what my priorities are.

I have taken pictures of the areas I would like to add some Yard Art, like off the back deck and along the back wall of the guest bedroom, which is a very shady area for the most part and for some reason our puppy thinks it is a great place to dig in the dirt!

So, we need to start by really looking at the pictures and envision what you think would look great there.  As we are retired now, I have to think economical but attractive ways to spruce up that area and make it pleasing to the eye, as well as keep the dog from digging in that area.  As ideas come to mind, I try to take a moment and jot them down in a writing tablet or in a list on my computer.  I would make my chart something like this:

Priority________                Accepted ____Yes   ____No             Project Estimate Cost:$_________________       

Area: Backyard against house    Comments: Mostly Shady, only seen by us or our visitors

Idea A:

1.  Double stacked flower bed raised off the ground, 15’ long from end of house under guest bedroom window to faucet on back wall of house, 24” wide with the bottom bed top height of 12”- top bed width 12” & 12″      high and made of wood, sealed and painted. It will be made of treated lumber and plywood using wood screws to make for a long-lasting flower bed, and should be most inexpensive way to get this project completed. A free-standing raised flower bed.   Note to self: can be purchased items if I can’t find the right ones for the right price (above garden plots and flower steps (found some) or find something that could be              recycled to make the flower bed.  Keeping eyes open.

Estimated cost: $_____________

2.  In the top bed, plant some bright begonias, geraniums or hostas. In the bottom bed, I am looking at nasturtium flowers, in all colors. Will need some rocks for in bottom, garden soil as well as potting soil and seeds or new starts from a nursery.

Estimated cost:$ _____________

3.  Look for some bright novelty items, maybe Solar powered butterflies or dragonflies to add throughout the beds to add another dimension.  Also look at rock bugs.

Estimated cost: $______________

4.  Add Raindrip Timer Watering system fed off of the faucet on same back wall.  Will require a ½” feed line approx. 20’ and approx. 6 each ¼” feed lines with sprayers.

Estimated cost: $_______________

I know what you are thinking, “You call that Yard Art?”.  Yes, as it adds beauty and appeal to your yard.  I think of Yard Art as Eye Candy, if its pleasing to your eye, no matter what it is, if it’s in your yard, it’s Yard Art!  I may add another dimension to this flower bed when I paint it!  It may not be your ordinary brown paint, per say.  Again, creating Yard Art.

That is about it.  I will continue to research for items required for this project, which could lead me to another possible scenario I like, which I will then make a second entrance to my notepad regarding those details.  After doing all my homework and research to find the most desired items that will make this area much more appealing to the eye and then make the decision prior to April (for those of us living in Alaska, all others should be February). That way, you have the needed time to get any items ordered, shipped and gathered from the box stores, so whatever the project is, it can be completed in the shortest amount of time. Planning ahead makes all the difference as I have learned from many years of experience.  The less time it takes you to complete the project, the more efficient and cost effective it will be.

Until next time, start planning and have fun with it.  Thank you again for stopping by and reading my blog.  I hope you get a lot out of it.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at