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Topic for today – Birdhouses                                                                                                                                                                                                                          March 11, 2020

As I am creating my website, I have found that there is a vast array of what people call “Birdhouses” these days!  They can be made virtually out of anything, and painted up to look like anything, and I guess the birds love them and they are wonderful little (in most cases) additions to our Yard Art.

That’s why I believe birdhouses are very much what I would call “Yard Art”.  Depending on what theme you wish to carry throughout your yard, you can really doll it up with some cute Birdhouses.  They don’t all have to be hanging from tree branches! I found many that are mounted on top of a stake that you can place anywhere in your yard.  And there are those that you can put on your fence or hang from the rafters of a canopy or other outdoor cover area.  Birds like places that they feel safe and out of most weather conditions, so they stay dry in the nest.

Some types of birds like to nest in colonies, as well.  I found that there are several species that do this and they love it when you place a multi-plex birdhouse out in your yard for them.  Along with that, I would place a nice free-standing birdbath nearby along with a feeder that the birds would like to feed from.  That way, you have them all taken care of. They would love to have a nice place they can call home and raise their young. Maybe even return to each spring or summer to nest.  And you would get the joy of watching it all unfold right in your yard.

I know some of you think this will only bring bird poop into your yard, but, in reality, Bird poop is usually washed back into your grass or ground by rain or watering it.  But I will admit, there are some (I won’t name any here though) that do make a mess of things, as they become a colony too big for your yard.  If this ever happens, be sure to remove all that you have provided to them, to make them have to go in search of another location!  Just be careful with what birdhouses and other accessories you provide, ensuring they are for the kinds of birds you want to frequent your yard.

I am carrying many different styles and types of birdhouses here on my site at , but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please email me at and I will see if I can find what it for you.  Until next time……….