How to Create Yard Art Out of Cans (old, new, big and small)

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January 21, 2020

What does this picture have to do with Yard Art? Well, the other day I made my Italian green beans, at which time, I was about to throw away the can, when I thought, how could I use these as Yard Art?  Hey, I am retired now, and on a fixed income, so I really need to look at thrifty ways to make my own yard art.

So, what could I do with a usual canned vegetable can?  You can make planters for herbs out of them by placing them in an old pallet and leaning it against your house wall or pound in two metal stakes in a good location to tie it to.  Or do it your way, whatever works for you!

I have seen many different usages for vegetable cans, coffee cans, yam cans, all sorts of aluminum flat dishes, old metal funnels, sardine cans, and other kitchen items, all of which, when assembled, could turn out to be, say the “Tin Man” from The Wizard of Oz or a Robot, or a Scare Crow, etc.  Use your imagination and to help with that, go on to the internet and see what others have created.  Spray Painting the cans will give you a clown look or Star Wars look, or whatever look you are after. Just put your emptied cans in a box where you can watch them grow in numbers until you can actually see enough sizes and amounts to put your Yard Art idea together.  You can use self-tapping metal screws, a glue gun, liquid nails, solder, or even welding, if you have the ability to do so. Just try it on a scrap piece before you try using it on your main piece.  Sometimes the metal will react differently then you expect, due to the different types of metals used in making the cans.  I personally think the self-tapping screws are the easiest to use. You can find them at any big box home goods store, in all different sizes.

In the event of making a Tin Man, like I am contemplating doing, you can also use a chain with a wood heart off of it to put around the neck as in The Wizard of Oz! Look up Tin Man Yard Art on the internet to get some great ideas, but still make it your way!  I think this yard art piece could be mixed into many different yard art themes, not just one!  Should you try your hand at making a Yard Art piece out of different sizes of cans, I hope it brings many smiles to you, your family and all who visit your beautiful Yard Art yard.  And I really hope you have an enjoyable time making it! Until next time………………………