Choosing the plants you want in your yard

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Today’s Topic:  Choosing the plants you want in your yard                                                                                                                                                                                                                     January 30, 2020

You might say to yourself, what do the plants in my yard have to do with Yard Art.  Well, plenty!  In choosing your plants, you pick plants that make you happy and hopefully, will be adding color to your yard which in turn, acts as Yard Art!

You also need to look at what plants can do for your yard.  I am trying to picture different plants in different areas of my yard to give it life, color, abstract dimension, etc.  Like, on one end of my home where I have no windows, and it faces the main street, I am thinking of planting some Giant Sunflowers so they can be seen over the fence.  It’s a nice warm area with lots of sun, so I think they will do well there.  And in looking for seeds today, I find so many different styles and colors that I could really make a neat wall of Sunflowers in that location.  I think I will build a small wood planter, it doesn’t have to be huge, maybe a foot wide and 18 to 24 inches deep and I have these 60” tall Spiral Plant Supports (from Amazon) that I will use to help them grow upright along the wall.  And since there is a faucet right outside the fence, it will be a good place to be able to extend my Raindrip watering system, so I don’t have to worry about that.   I may or may not,

I also blogged earlier about a location at the back of my house (where I am having problems with my dogs digging it up) where I plant to build a two-step planter.  I have been researching many seed vendors to try and find some rare and very colorful flowers to plant in it.  I am thinking now, that I will be planting Hosta of various colors (as it is a mostly shady location), geraniums of various colors and maybe even some Coleus (but in the past I haven’t had good luck in growing them), as they could add another dimension to this area.  This is not an area where I want to plant anything pertaining to food, as I am going to have a garden area in a full sun location.

Then there is the area around my pond in the front yard – where I already have Hosta, fern and several other plants, but none that have a lot of color, so I am also looking for something bright to plant there, again it will have to be a shady plant as it only gets morning sun in that location.  Still looking for those.  And so on………..

So, to end, please don’t think of the plants you put in your yard as merely plants, they are Yard Art and are there to make you feel good and make your yard look good!