During these tough times……

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During these tough times……

I thought it only appropriate to blog about what is going on in the world right now and how Yard Art might be something to give you some comfort.

I find myself watching and reading so much news about this Corona virus, that it latterly makes me sick to my stomach, as I don’t know what to believe, there’s so many different views being reported.  But keeping yourself informed and abiding by it, so you know how to avoid this crappy stuff, will make a lot of difference! Then apply it to all in your family! Teach them what you learn!  The more we all know, the faster we can stop it! My real anxiety comes when I think about what this virus could mean to my husband, who is 72! I am 10 years younger than he. The anxiety amps up quite a bit then!  Between the two, it causes me a lot of anxiety! So much so, that I have to get away from “it” for a while.  Once you have fulfilled all your families needs, don’t forget about yourself!  You need to take care of yourself, so you can be there for them! Never feel guilty about that!  I also know I must stay away from emails and Facebook to ease my anxieties, so I start thinking about something that really makes me happy.

So, how do I do that without leaving my home?  I tend to go into my office and sit down in front of my computer and whatever comes to mind first, I start on.  Except Corona virus and Politics! Usually, it is my website. I will do maintenance on it and add any new products I can, along with servicing my customers ASAP!  I then find myself wanting to do something very comforting just for me, for a while.  For me, I love to plan! Funny, now that I am retired, I figure out I should have been an Events Planner all along! I thrive on planning things out and watching them come to fruiting with awesome results!  Its so invigorating and satisfying!  One thing these days that does that for me, is our yard and what I would like to do in it this summer.  Who knows (not to make you angry), but we may all be hunkered down through May or even June, it’s reality, so we might as well start planning things we can do in our yards to make us happy, making being confined to our homes more tolerable!

In doing that, you can look forward to your neighbors most likely, doing the same and with distance between you, you will be able to enjoy their company again!  Luckily, we have a large yard that basically has never been landscaped (except for a lawn, pond area and a couple of lilac bushes!), so there are a lot of projects I can work on (from drawing up a landscape drawing, to researching big box stores for pricing and making a material list and budget for it).  That way, when the snow is all gone (in Anchorage, that probably won’t be until Mid to end of April) and we can get our gate to the backyard open again, I will go online to order it and have it delivered/shipped directly to our home!  They are and will still be doing that, I believe! So, get to work.  I know that is just one idea of so many, but it should let you know there are things to occupy your time at home that makes you feel good and renewed, like I do!  In fact, I get so tied up in it sometimes, my husband has to come ask me what time dinner will be tonight, since the normal time has already flown by!! Or just go through the internet looking up plants you might like to plant in your yard, or look for Yard Art – that is a real big hobby of mine, I love to add Yard Art to my yard.  Right now, I have 12 chimes hanging along the backside of our home, and I love hearing them when the breeze/winds come through! Very comforting to the soul!

I also hate unknowns, especially invisible unknowns (germs)!  They are the worst!  But I do believe that if we all do our part, hunker down at home and do not socialize for a few weeks, yes I said a few, we will get through this with limited people catching it.  But everyone must do their part!  Just don’t socialize, congregate, or whatever you want to call it, and always, use tissues when you coughing or sneezing and gloves when dealing with anything that can be contagious or pass the germs on!  I made an order through our local grocery store on Friday for U Pick Up, and I was able to pick it up on Sunday evening.  A couple of notes on that:  Great to be able to do this, but you get what they pick (green bananas) and they were still out of jams, jellies, turkey breast, TP, and more, but it will get better!  Be patient!

So, stay home, watch the news, and if you have a family, take this time to really enjoy their company playing games or helping them with homework, it is like getting a chance to bond with your kids! And truly, I believe there is a reason for everything, and part of the reason is that we have let family get away from us!  We need to be closer and more transparent and loving to our families and teach each other common sense and right from wrong! Communicate with your kids and spouse! Have some fun with your kids playing games and watching movies, instead of them just playing on computers all day long. And always make certain you check on your parents and others you care about, not living in your home, via skype or phone.  This is a time to really talk about how you are all feeling about what is going on in our world.  And to let them know you love them.  Tomorrow is not promised!

I kind of relate this situation to when I was in my twenties, with two small kids, and HIV was just identified!  What a scare that was!  Well, when the Surgeon General sent out in the mail, a pamphlet on everything HIV,  I sat my two children down (ages 8 & 9) and I read the entire pamphlet to them, all along answering their questions as they came up!  I felt a real need for my kids to know about this way early on in their years’, so they knew to take the required precautions when the time came!  After that, my son, who was the oldest, went on to write every one of his essays requested during his school years, on some form of HIV information.  He said that was so he could keep up on the latest information on HIV, through the years.  My heart told me I did the right thing reading that pamphlet to them, even though they were still quite young!  Being informed is very comforting too.

So, with that, I don’t want to continue to be a downer today, but I wanted to shed some light on my experiences over the years of new germs evolving, we need to be open and pass on any information we can to help each other out through these tough times.  And then, remind you , to take/make some time for you to do something just for you, so you are fulfilled as well.  It is important that everyone do what we can, so we can continue to feel comfortable in our homes, while this bug passes through our country!

Hope you find this blog useful or informative and until next time…….be safe, stay healthy and be kind!  This soon shall pass……….