Leaving Yard Art out in the Winter Elements

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LEAVING YARD ART OUT IN THE WINTER ELEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                                              January 14, 2020

This last fall, I made a judgement call and left all my major yard art items out for the winter.  I didn’t have anything out last year as it was still in boxes.  This last summer, I took a few items out and made quick decisions on where to place them, but these are items easily moved if I didn’t think they were put in the correct place.  Now here it is January and we are in the midst of the coldest temperatures Anchorage has experienced in at least 10 years, ranging from 10 above to 20 below!  And it’s terrible to lose something you spent good money on, if it isn’t necessary.  There are always options.

So today I took a brief walk around my home (as it was only -5 out at the time), since we haven’t done that in a few weeks. I wanted to see how the Yard Art I had left out in the elements, was performing.

I checked on all three of my yard spinners and due to having a lot of breeze or wind this winter, they are not frozen up, and appear to be working as they should. Oh, and check the nuts and bolts on them to make sure they are still tight.  I have found some that have fallen apart due to a lot of spinning.  I do love seeing them spin when the high winds come through and the snow is blowing through them. Or after snow falls and it highlights all their parts! Great eye-candy all winter long here in Anchorage!  I have placed all three of mine around a small pond in the front yard, where we can watch them from our living room.  Not sure if they get enough wind there, so may move them next spring.

I also checked on my wind chimes.  I have 12 of them hanging off the back of our home, where we can hear them chime when the winds blow.  Some are not fairing as well as others.  The ones not made of metal seem to be frozen stiff and not operating the solar lighting they are supposed to have.  But all the metal ones with string or fishing line are working as they should.

The other item I checked on was our pond area in the front yard.  It is heavily insulated with snow now, but you can still see where the plants were.  We have yet to add a waterfall to our pond (hoping to do that this summer) so we will just have to make sure the plastic in the pond does not crack from the ice, or we will have to replace it.   We unplugged the water pump in the fall and placed it in a hole under one of the rocks for the winter, where it seems to be doing just fine.

Earlier this fall, my husband found two logs with flower beds cut out of them, on Craigslist.  He knew I have been wanting one, so he bought them for me.  They are sitting under our walkway in the front of the house and seem to be surviving well there.  Can’t wait to place them on either side of a gate in our fence to spruce up the area and plant some colorful flowers in them.

As I walked around the house, I also checked to make sure our covers were still on all three of our faucets and the hoses were all rolled up on the hose reels.  You never know, one of the insulated caps could have blown off during a windy storm and the faucet froze off, which is a big mess waiting to happen and one I don’t want to have! We also like things to be orderly in the yard.  All insulated caps were still on tight and hoses are on their reels.

Now that I have assured all is still in good order, after having endured a week of sub-zero temperatures, I feel much better!  I will check them again in a couple weeks or right after any big windstorm.  Not knowing how much cold tolerance these yard art items have, it is good to check up on them periodically, and take note of their condition.  As mentioned above, maybe some will need to be brought into the garage or shed, as they are not made for the winter environment in your area, for the winter, so they don’t get damaged in any way.  That is your call.  Today, I left every-thing out in the elements and feel good about it.