Making your garden be a part of your Yard Art

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Topic of the day:  Making your garden be a part of your Yard Art                                                                                                                                                                                                February 11, 2020

As I am in the process of designing my new garden in my yard, I want to take into consideration how I can make it more appealing and inviting, using some of my Yard Art in the process.

As we live in an area where our ground can be frozen for many months, I have decided to go with Mobile or Raised Garden Beds.  In fact, I can start them earlier than normal under a LED light in my garage a month or two prior to the freezing temperatures stopping here, which is usually June 1st or thereabouts.  If I am to use a mobile garden bed, it will have to be one with a bottom in it, as there are some that come with no bottom.  That will allow me to move it once the freezing breaks.

In researching for the perfect one, I am thinking I want it to be metal (so it lasts longer) and something I can paint or add some pizzazz to in some way, so they stand out.  But wood is not out of the question either. In fact, my husband and I could probably make custom mobile beds to fit the area I plan on placing them in and line them with a plastic lining.  I could paint both or I could even use a torch and burn the wood one for a different effect. Again, this can be done prior to planting or while I have them in the garage.  Those are just a couple of ideas I have come up with so far, to make them become Yard Art instead of just a garden bed.

I am also thinking I could add some yard stakes to it, like butterflies or dragonflies and maybe even a wind spinner or two.  It is my thinking, that anything that makes you happy, can be used.  Or even custom painted stakes, or use a wood burner, showing what is planted in the garden.  You can get stakes at any home improvement store.

As I walked around our yard last fall, I came to the decision that my garden beds had to be where they get the most sun, which will be in our backyard near our RV canopy.  In fact, I might even set them against the side of the canopy as we have it sided, and the metal siding would soak up all the heat and keep the garden warm even more so, which should increase my production.  See, here in Alaska, we may have 20 hours of daylight, but it doesn’t get that warm, usually stays between 50 and 70 all summer, so the extra heat from the siding would really help the plants out.  It will also make a place where I could put some trellis up against the siding and grow my tomatoes, green beans, corn, etc.  Which will also make the siding easier to look at as it is a huge wall of beige!  Again, creating Yard Art!

I guess the point I am making is that Yard Art is in the eye of the beholder.  To me it is anything that makes me smile and happy.  I like colors in my yard, and to achieve that, I will look to anything I use to enhance it, to have color and uniqueness.  So, you can either buy your Yard Art or custom make it.  It is your choice.  Until next time, happy hunting for Yard Art.