Making your Hubby happy with edging (or yourself or both!)  

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Topic of the day:  Making your Hubby happy with edging (or yourself or both!)                                                                                                                                                       March 4, 2020

I think the old saying is Happy Wife, Happy Life!  Well, l want to take it one step further, Happy Hubby, Happy Wife!  If you have a husband like I do, that likes his yard in tip top shape all the time, you will understand where I am coming from on this topic.

My husband wants to make his life as easy as he can, and that means being able to mow his lawn with a riding lawn mower and not have to do any manual mowing at all!! So, where I have shrubs or the rocks around my pond in my front yard lawn area, I better find a way to edge them so he can easily ride his lawn mower along it, to get a clean cut!  I have already spent one summer here listening to him about not having clean edges around the yard, so it’s on the top of my spring to do list this year, for sure!

Edging can be anything from wood (railroad ties make a great lawn edging if you have a straight run) but it should be pressure treated so it won’t rot and will continue to keep a good sturdy edge for years to come.  Another edging is made of a weatherproof material and is easy to maneuver around corners and curved areas of your yard. There are also items made of bender board and terrace board that you can get in long lengths and cut to fit your situation, and again they are flexible!  There are too numerous types of edging to name here, but you get my drift.  If yo look up landscape edging at any of the big box stores, you can find something you like, I am sure.

This is something I know I will be doing this summer, not only to make my Hubby happy, but to also give me a couple more places to plant around the base of my trees and shrubs in the front yard lawn area.  Some low growing shade plants should do great in those locations.  It won’t just make him happy, I will be happy with the additional color in my yard, as well!

So, when you are plotting out your yard, remember to include edging to keep your lawn crisp, neat and edged nicely, so it will show off your Yard Art even more.  Try it, you might like it!  Until next time……..