Recycled Yard Art

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METAL YARD ART MADE FROM RECYCLED BEER KEGS                                                                                                                                                                                                   January 16, 2020

They other day, I was out running errands when I saw these two old beer kegs for sale at a secondhand store – not the big ones, but two five-gallon beer kegs.  As I looked them over, I was thinking of a million things I could use them for in my yard, as yard art, so I bought them for a great price.  I know some of you would think it ludicrous for me to cut them and use them for planters, as they are a collector’s item, but I see them as a much bigger value, being used in my yard as yard art!

As I am planning on using them on our deck (and we have a walled in privacy deck), they will need to be planted with partly shade/partly sun plants. They may or may not be cut open.  For hanging them, I would just plant the hanging plants like Lantana Lobelia or Black Eyed Susans or even Bleeding Hearts, so they could grow over both sides of the privacy wall to soften it to the eye.  I am thinking of planting some Purple Fountain Grass in the center and yellow begonias or some bright colored geraniums around the outside edge, so it will grow up and hang down if I use them on the deck itself.  It’s just a big 6’ grey wall right now – it can use some cheering up!  Or, I could cut them in half, making 4 planters, and place them around the edge of the deck with some petunias or Lungwort or Nasturtiums in them – to give the deck some color!

I will need to take into consideration, what room we have left after the deck furniture is put out and how I intend to extend the Raindrip watering system to water them (I will be installing it this coming spring).  That way, we can go camping all we want and not worry that our plants aren’t being watered.  It is so easy to install and along with a good timer, you can do it for all your plants; hanging, in beds, gardens or planters. You can get kits at Raindrip at Amazon or Lowes or the Raindrip site.  I hope to do a blog on installing a Raindrip system later this spring.

In any case, I will need to get my husband to do the honors of cutting the kegs with a torch or a metal cutting saw, so they are usable as yard art, along with sanding down all the edges that were cut, so no one gets hurt on them.  If I go with cutting them in half sideways, I will also ask him to make four wood stands to set them in, as they will have a rounded bottom or some hangers to hang them off of the fence. I might even have him do some polishing of the aluminum too, to get some scratches out.  We have learned how to work as a team and love making new things out of old things, together.  When we go to making these keg planters, I will try to do a blog on it, as well.  I am  excited to see how they turn out.  I will warn you, however, I have been known to start out with one idea and come out with a completely different idea, you never know.  This is still in the preliminary process!

I just wanted to pass on how ideas for yard art can come about.  Some ideas come out of nowhere when you see an item, as it did with me and the kegs.  Hope this helps get your look out on, so you can come up with some unique yard art for your yard in the coming months! Winter is the time to work on yard art items for the outdoors, so you can enjoy them all summer long!