Reversal of Plans

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Topic for today:  Reversal of Plans – You just never know what will come up to change your plans!                                                                                                                         May 14, 2020

One of my first blogs was about building a planter box along the backside of our home due to it looking empty, but there were problems with our dogs digging in the dirt and along side the house and knocking down pieces of our stucco off the side of the house.  I was going to use the planter box to hide the issues after we repair them, but now, all that has changed.

What happened to change my thinking?  A new Brittany puppy that just turned a year old this March! Our little Jen has shown us that having grass at the base of our steps off our 24” high deck, doesn’t work, as she loves to not use the stairs and jump straight to the ground!  All good until the snow melted off!  Now where she jumps and lands is nothing but a big mud hole, along with where they dig and play and lay in the mud along the back side of the house. And it’s not working for me!  I have to bathe them much more then I like to now, so we are going to go in a different direction.

My husband and I talked about doing this when we first purchased the home, as our upper deck is virtually enclosed, but we did not act on it the first summer here.  As I have stated before, if you can, give yourself time to ensure what you think is the right thing to do, actually is the right thing!  I am so happy we didn’t do it now! I think everything happens for a reason! What about you?

Now we are looking to build a floating deck 12’ x 12’ then extending it all along the back of the house which will add another 6’ x 14’!  This will allow me to then display items from my website to post so my customers can see how they are or can be used.  And it is a very shady area back there, so I can also make pots of shady plants to distribute along the sides of the deck.  Now we just need to decide if we want to use wood or the newer hi-tec non-wood material that you never have to worry about again.  The big difference is the cost! We have until June to decide, but I am leaning towards the wood, only because our other deck is wood as well!  That way we can stain/re-stain them all the same.

And while we are at it, that same new puppy taught us that puppies will chew anything!  Including the ends of your deck boards if they can get to them.  Unfortunately, our little Jen was able to get to the ends of about 16 boards and chew them so bad, that we now must replace them in our existing deck! She did this during the winter, when we were not out and about a lot, so did not notice her doing it.  And it did have a bit of rot throughout the ends of the decking! Note: if you plan on having dogs and a wood deck, beware of chewing!

So, once we decide on wood or not wood, we will order the materials through one of the big box stores and have it delivered.  Then, we will call on family to assist in getting it built.  Mostly though, it will be my husband and I and it will probably take the whole month of June, but it will be worth it!  I will post after pictures when it is complete.  Until then, stay safe and healthy, and hope enjoy your visit to my website.