Solar Lighting

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Today’s Topic: Solar Lighting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         February 20, 2020

Adding solar lighting to your yard, can really add another dimension to it.  You can use solar lights to highlight your yard art, walkways, steps, flower beds and even in your garden.

I carry a few novelty figurines that have solar lighting within them, which would be great in a garden or flower bed.  Then there are the solar torch lights you can place around your deck, patio or porch. Then there are solar lights you can stick in the ground to enhance a walkway or driveway or steps.  The great thing about solar lighting is that you can place them anywhere they can get enough sun to regenerate each day, without the hassle of having to extend wiring to them.

Now in some places, like here in Anchorage, we won’t have enough sunlight during the winter and we get way too much snow for them not to get covered up – but they are still a nice addition for the spring and fall (we don’t have much night time here during the summer!), to where they are still adding something to your yard.  Most solar lighting should withstand any winters you might have and be good to go once spring arrives.

I have one butterfly stake that is around my pond in the front yard, which was there when we bought the home, that seems to keep out of the snow enough and gets adequate sun light, so it glows for awhile each evening and it makes me happy to see it.  I think I am going to find more like it, to place around the pond so it really lights up during the winter.   Some solar lighting doesn’t take much sun to get it to glow, it just may not last as long.  I will take pictures and share it when I get them in place. This is another item I hope to be carrying on my website.

I also want to get some solar lights to place along a new walkway we are constructing this summer, to highlight it, but they have to be up on a wall or my husband will rip them out when he cleans the walkway of snow.  They do have some that you can place flush in the ground too, that would not be dug up each time, but I don’t think that is what I am looking for.  I want something that really stands out and is attractive.  I hope to find a vendor soon that carries those kinds of items so I can carry them on my website as well.

It never hurts to have lighting that helps you and others navigate your yard in the dark.  And it doesn’t cost you anything but the lights themselves and a little time setting them up.  After you have installed them, I am sure you will find that you really enjoy having them.  Until next time……….