Trimming up your evergereen trees

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Today’s topic:  Trimming up your evergreen trees                                                                                                                                                                                                  February 25, 2020

When we first moved into our new home here in Anchorage in 2018, we found that the two pine trees that had been planted next to the street, by the previous owner, really caused a site issue with being able to see oncoming traffic as we exit our cul-de-sac, and the foot traffic as well.

As we started cleaning up the yard of debris left by the previous owner, when we felt the need to also trim the pine trees.  As my husband uses a riding lawn mower, we felt it needed to have all the limbs removed from the ground to about 6’ up!  What a big job that was, as these are two large pine trees.  But, in the end, all the hard work was well worth it. You can now see far down the street as we exit our cul-de-sac and those that walk in the area, have told us how they appreciate it as well, stating they don’t have to walk in the street anymore.

Not only does it give a clear pathway, but it also gives another area, if I wish, to plant some shady perennials, as I am always looking for more color in my yard.  But overall, the tree seems to be in better health since the trimming.

In the backyard, we have a fence lined with Birch trees and Pine trees.  I think in that area, even though they are making it more private in our yard, I would like to clear out a lot of the birch trees to let the pine trees have more room to grow, as I like the pine trees more then the birch.  There will still be enough birch trees to give us good shade in the backyard!  Giving the pine trees room to grow will also make a much better privacy fence in the end.  Until next time………