Using Used Keurig K-Cups For Starting Plants

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January 24, 2020

Hello again! I know many of you have gone to using the Keurig Coffee System, as we have.  I found last year that that was a good thing for gardening as well as a great cup of coffee! I started saving my used K-cups after the first of the year, to start my seedlings in, in the spring.  They work great, as they drain well and are the right size for a seed or two, and you can sit many of them in a shallow metal or waterproof pan together, easily, with seedling soil in them. To get them to start well, place saran wrap or a plastic top to keep the moisture in and place a warming pad under it, on low, to give it warmth, causing it to be moist, until the plants pop up.  I place them near a window so they can get the warmth of the sun too.

After the seedlings sprout and start to grow strong, you will want to transplant them over to larger containers.  Many of the K-cups have a bio gradable netting to hold the coffee grinds in that you can actually just transplant the seedling into a larger container without having to put it through the distress of pulling it up and replanting it.

Also, this is just one way to lesson the amount of K-cups in our garbage dumps!  Wash them out and use them year after year and replace as needed. There could be other ways these little cups can help us in the garden, just keep them in mind as you are perfecting your yard with Yard Art.  Who knows what we will come up with!  If I come up with more, I will certainly write a blog on it! If anyone else has had a different usage of them, please email me at

I know this is not a blog about Yard Art, per say, but I thought it was good information to pass on, as it will help with starting your flowers or garden plants from seeds for your yard, instead of having to buy the more expensive, already started, plants at a nursery or store.  I am always looking for ways to reduce my costs (as we are retired) to make my yard what I want it to be, my Happy Place! It doesn’t have to cost a lot to bring you a lot of joy!  And you get the additional joy of feeling proud that you started the plants yourself !  Until next time………………………….