What does your lawn have to do with Yard Art

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February 5, 2020

So today I thought I would talk about lawns.  They are usually in everyone’s yard and they do contribute to how your yard art looks in your yard.

It is my feeling that if you have a rough lawn with patches of dirt and lots of dandelions, your Yard Art is not going to stand out as it could if your lawn was full, green and mowed frequently.  Think of lawns as the backdrop of your Yard Art.  If it isn’t pretty, your Yard Art is going to stand out as it should.  And if you are going to pay good money for your yard art, it’s the least you can do to make it worth every cent.

It is also a sure sign that you don’t love your yard and that isn’t making it a attraction, instead, it doesn’t make anyone want to look at it.  So, you can put as much Yard Art in your yard that you want, but it won’t stand out or be appreciated.

And if you have dogs that use this lawn as their play and potty area, again, it is necessary to keep your lawn in top shape, so the dogs don’t destroy it.  If they see dirt in your yard, it could prompt them to dig which causes more issues.  Also ground squirrels and gophers will disrupt a beautiful yard, so make sure you use the appropriate pest killer (one not harmful to your pets) to keep them in check, keeping your lawn strong, thick and green. And be sure to keep your dog’s waste picked up and water your lawn frequently, so you can remove the urine from the grass to keep it from turning yellow.  Dog urine destroys your lawn due to it’s high Nitrogen content! Water will dilute the nitrogen content, so the urine doesn’t burn the grass. If you water the yard to a depth of a couple of inches per week through rain and irrigation, stains are less likely to appear. Many dogs have favorite spots to do their business, so give those areas a little extra water with the garden hose. If you catch your dog in the act, have a sprinkler can with water handy, so you can act immediately. You could also partition off a portion of your yard, where your dogs would be allowed to go to the bathroom, which would lessen the amount of work you have to put into your lawn to keep it looking great.

So, be sure to fertilize your lawn in the fall and in the spring, and be sure to fill in any bare spots (there are lots of lawn patching products out there) and be sure to water it frequently as well as have it mowed often.  The more manicured your yard is, the more your Yard Art will compliment your yard.  You will even find that doing this, will bring you much more satisfaction and happiness as you appreciate your surroundings.  Isn’t that why you are adding Yard Art!

Hope this was helpful.  That’s it for today.  Enjoy!