Wind Spinners

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Yard art refers to any aesthetic items that do not occur naturally, that is, man-made, placed in a garden or private yard. Yard art is also found in other outdoor spaces such as community gardens, pastures, vacant lots and nurseries. There are no set standards to gauge the value of yard art; anything goes so long as the yard owner appreciates the art.

Yard Art doesn’t need to be expensive for you to spend a lot for that personal and unique piece of art. You can pick most of the materials at auctions, yard sales and second hand stores. Another person’s junk can be valuable to you as it can create just the design you want.

Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are a type of yard art that has the potential to elevate a dull or a  plain landscape into an artistic and vibrant landscape. They are available in many designs that provide hypnotizing motions to give life to your garden. Wind spinners are made from long-lasting-metal that contains ball bearings to enable them have a smooth movement in the wind. Some wind spinners can stand alone in a garden but there are a few designs that hang from a tree or porch. It can either rotate horizontally or vertically.

A solar bulb can be installed in a wind spinner. The solar bulb adds ambiance at night, especially if the wind spinner has numerous colors. The bulb powered by the sun, do not consume any energy; in some cases bulbs on wind spinners use solar power for their energy to run a wind spinner. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your electricity bill as the bulb does not use electricity.

Windmill Stakes

Windmill stakes are another form of yard art that beautifies your garden. The garden windmill stake looks and works the same way as the huge wind turbines that produce electricity for large scale use. They rotate when wind passes through their blades; they are a great addition to your garden as they come in vibrant colors that add life to your garden. Solar wind spinners are considerably cheap garden additions that add color and motion to your garden. As windmill stakes are made like wind turbines, they produce electricity, so they can also be used for electricity needs of the garden. You only need to connect it to a battery set to preserve power for charging batteries used in electric devices and powering the lights.

Yard Spinners

Yard spinners are a type of yard art. This is a general terms that includes wind spinners, windmill stakes, ornaments, wind chimes, among others. One of the differences in yard spinners is on their source of power; some are powered by wind while others use electric power. Some yard spinners stand alone in gardens while others hang from trees, for instance ornaments.

We hope the information provided above will help you make an informed decision regarding your choice of yard art get what is ideal for your garden. We are here to help if you need assistance.