Yard Art Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake - Free Shipping

Sunrise Wholesale 84″ Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake


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Yard Art Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake - Free Shipping

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Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake Information

This fascinating piece of yard art consists of an exquisite Rainbow Windmill that sets atop a sturdy metal stake.  And it SHIPS FREE!

As wind currents cause the head of this luminous Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake to spin, bright flashes of intense color gleam out and catch the eyes of every person that passes it. Even on the gloomiest of days, it stays brilliant and dazzling. Having this in your lawn truly gives a new spin on curb appeal!

The large, handcrafted, propeller-type blades on the Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake are rich in color, with each one of the vividly hued pieces being a different shade from the last. This is what gives the work of art its trademark kaleidoscopic effect. Because it contains a variety of colors, this Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake makes a great addition to anything that may be in your yard’s garden and décor already.

The stake that the spinner rests upon will not fail you. Made of resilient metal, it stands strong against the elements of nature while blending in inconspicuously with its organic surroundings. This allows the multicolored Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake main feature that it supports to take the leading spotlight. Consider the stake to be the “wind beneath the wings” of this Rainbow Windmill Garden Stake.

The impressive craftsmanship behind this item is second to none, which can be confirmed in the overall look and feel of the product. Few things say “whimsical yet professional” better than a unique and beautifully engineered piece of yard art that is created by the hands of someone that earnestly cares about their craft.

Unlike garden flowers, a carefully crafted windmill spinner like this stays beautiful and bright all year long. It will never die, you will never have to repot it, and it is sure to impress the Jones family next door.

Whether it be yours or a gift for a loved one, this prismatic artwork enlivens the yard of any home. As a housewarming gift, a birthday present, or a conversation piece of your own, this Rainbow Windmill Garden stake yard art is sure to bring joy to its owner and will leave a lasting impression throughout the years to come. Give it a spin!

Transform your garden into a multicolored gallery of motion for all to see! This kinetic, heavy duty wind spinner has two sets of spinning blades, each spinning in opposing directions. Designed for outdoor use. These are made to last and made to stay in place. Easy, Effective, and Graceful. Beautiful Quality Workmanship.  Free Shipping!

This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.

30 Day Warranty Unless Longer Term Stated In Description.

You can return your purchase for up to 30 days.

Item weight: 8.00lbs   –

Item dimensions: 10.00″ W x 84.00″ H x 19.00″ L

Materials: Iron

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